With Mother’s Day peeking around the corner it is natural to begin thinking about our mom’s and the mother of our children. If you are as old as I am you also focus on your children as mothers and even on your grandchildren and the wives of grandsons as mothers. The truth is, I’m surrounded by godly women who are great moms and have given their all to bring up their children for God. My mom died when I was in my mid-thirties so it has been a long time since I have heard her voice or seen her face, but that doesn’t lessen the admiration I have for her and the love she brought into the lives of our family. I am the youngest of eight children so she had lots of practice before I came along. But she had plenty of love to go around to the whole group, even as it kept growing with grandchildren all over the place. I’ve often thought about why our mother’s tend to stand out in our hearts so much. I think about Jesus, dying on the cross, obviously in a world of agony, yet he sees his mother at the foot of the cross, still standing by him, still looking on with love even when there is nothing she can do but be there. Jesus on the cross took care of the future for his mother. He gave his disciple, John, with whom he had a special relationship, the charge of taking care of his mother. Even though Jesus had several brothers and sisters, Mary his mother went to live with John for the remainder of her life on this earth.

What makes the blessing of being a mother, such a powerful place of influence in the lives of children, not just in their childhood but for the remainder of their lives? It always breaks my heart to hear a person talk about a mother that was not a good or godly person but one who abused and misused them as their children as long as they had the opportunity. What is so amazing to me is that many of the women whom I’ve known who came out of such horrible conditions have become outstanding mother’s themselves and are determined to give their own children a different pattern to follow. There aren’t any perfect mothers. Eve was tremendously blessed as the first woman and first mother, but she certainly wasn’t perfect. Mary, the mother of Jesus was a tremendous lady and godly mother, but not a perfect one. Even though she was outstanding there was a time when, during his ministry she, along with his brothers became convinced that Jesus was out of his mind and came to try to rescue him and take him home. But what makes mothers so special in our hearts?

Certainly, it has something to do with the reality that they go through a ton of agony just getting us into the world. Carrying a baby in the womb for nine months isn’t easy and the labor and delivery carry with them lots of pain and concern. But mother’s endure it and seem to not focus so much on it since most of them will gladly have another child afterward and maybe several of them. A bond developed with our mom in the womb. The reality of eating at her breast and being held by her as a baby develops the bond even more. Mothers, holding a baby, singing to them and loving them give a beautiful picture of love that God planned to be in our lives for all to see. But we are seldom able to remember those days in our life, so what is it that makes mothers so special in our hearts?

Mother’s are often the ones who spend lots of time with us, listening to us, reading to us and helping us learn our first important things in life. Dad’s more often are interested in the action things like helping us learn to walk and later to ride a bike or some other action that has some danger to it. But one of my earliest memories is walking along a path with mother holding my hand as a little child. That sense of comfort and acceptance we feel then tends to stay in our hearts for years to come. Mothers tend to be the ones we come home to tell how things went at school and perhaps how we got into trouble over something. She is usually the first one to hear that there is someone in school that is special to you. We remember that they listened, and didn’t make fun of us, like brother’s and sisters sometimes did, even when we opened our hearts. But as life moves on and we are adults, with children and grandchildren of our own, what is there about our mothers that make them so special in our hearts?

I suspect it may be that no matter what happened in our life in growing up and as adults our mom was still there to listen, to encourage and to let you know they believed in you even in those times when you had trouble believing in yourself. I think of all the times I made choices in my life that made no sense to my mother, but I never remember her being upset or challenging those decisions. She looked for a positive in it all and kept right on showing her love. There was never a doubt that her total devotion was to God and being the person God called her to be.

I wish it were possible to tell my mother and her hear me today, how much I love and appreciate the grace and joy she brought into my life and the lives of my brothers and sister and dad. If your mother is still alive, don’t miss the chance to tell her how much you appreciate her. But don’t miss the chance to tell your wife and daughters and granddaughters how much you appreciate them for how they are great moms to their children. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOMS.

About leoninlittlerock

Preaching minister for Central church of Christ in Little Rock. Author of over 20 books including: When a Loved one Dies, Spiritual Development, Skid Marks on the Family Drive, Challenges in the church, To Know Christ and A Drink of Living Water.
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