In a world of constant change it is often hard to know where to find the solid ground on which to stand. It seems to me that every way we turn in life there are challenges to every foundation on which we might stand to take on the trials and challenges of life. When I think of what it was like during the time I was growing up, it didn’t seem that my parents or any of the other adults that I came into contact with struggled to know where they stood on much of anything. I didn’t have any teachers in school that didn’t give the impression they were dead sure of what they believed and of their loyalty to the country. Every coach I ever had demonstrated complete confidence in what they thought about life. They were quick to give instructions not just on how to play the game but on how to play the game of life as well. I don’t remember ever having a team mate or fellow student who wasn’t proud to be an American and honored both the flag and the men who served in the armed forces to defend our freedoms.

But something changed about the time I was growing up. Suddenly as the Vietnam war raged on and revelations began to come of horrible atrocities taking place, the feeling that we weren’t being told the whole story began to prevail. Then came the day when the news was blasted across the world, President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. He had moved a country to dreaming new dreams. But he was gone and the man to take his place, Lyndon Johnson was nothing like Kennedy. He didn’t have the charisma. But he knew the ins and outs of getting things through congress and was able to get laws passed that might not have been passed for years to come if these circumstances hadn’t prevailed. During these years huge divisions erupted all around.

It seems that from that time forward there has been one major event after another to lead to the feeling there is no solid ground on which to stand. Watergate led to horrible distrust of the government and all the people in it. The opportunist who tried to achieve personal fame during the civil rights push often led to people who loved the cause of civil rights feeling that they couldn’t possibly partner with those who were so often at the head of the line. During these days schools were being pushed to lead the way in solving the problems of discrimination. Schools were being pressed to take on roles that had been reserved for the family. The faith preached at churches was being denied in the science classes. The morals the children learned at church and usually at home, were often being denied in the schools as the books they were giving the students pushed sexual lifestyles very different from what most were taught in church.

Today far more standards of right and wrong are being questioned, attacked and denied. Popular writers and speakers are able to sell more books by taking outrageous stands against God, His word or any standards of morality. If one comes out saying any way of life is wrong they are going to be labeled as judgmental. In such a world and such a time, where are we to stand? For so many it seems that the only thing we are sure is wrong for one to do is to say that something is wrong. Making a judgment about anything is judged as wrong. But no matter how the world looks at it or how harshly one is judged for taking a stand, some things are wrong, always and under every condition. Right and wrong can’t be determined by how it feels, who does it or what people think about it. Certainly there are things that circumstances determine whether it is good or bad. But not all things fit such a category. Somethings are right and always right. Somethings are wrong and always wrong. Somethings are right under the right circumstances and wrong under the wrong circumstances. But it is the worst of judgment to try to put something that is wrong, always, under all conditions into the place of something that is right or wrong based on the circumstances.

But who decides what is right and wrong ultimately? I believe it is God and the standard is His Holy Word. Jesus came into the world to live the truth of God instead of just preaching it. he was the word made flesh and was the epitome of right. If a person takes God out of the picture by denying His existence then we are left with no firm ground on which to stand. In such a case man is just the most evolved animal and he can’t be expected to conduct himself any different than the animals. Human life is no longer sacred. Morals are just what we make them. And the greatest evil is for someone to take a stand that something is actually wrong all the time. Take away the solid ground of God and we can only wallow in the sands of opinion. Personally I want to stand on the rock.

About leoninlittlerock

Preaching minister for Central church of Christ in Little Rock. Author of over 20 books including: When a Loved one Dies, Spiritual Development, Skid Marks on the Family Drive, Challenges in the church, To Know Christ and A Drink of Living Water.
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